How do I post meeting minutes?

How do I post meeting minutes?

I know we have people that are not technologically savvy who take notes. For those of you out there, here is a (hopefully) simple guide to doing so. Note that I’m assuming your notes are typed up in a single document.

Step one: go to this link

Step two: slightly to the right of our logo and directly below the group description there should be a button that says “new topic”. Please click that button.

Step three: scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will see a form that says things such as “title”, “content” and “tags”.

Step four: copy and paste your notes into the content box. For windows, highlighting your notes and pressing “Ctrl” and “C” simultaneously will copy them. Then click on the content box back in the web browser and press “Ctrl” and “V” simultaneously.

Step five: title your post. It would be helpful if in the title you put the topic name and the date the notes were taken. It would also be nice if you put the words “meeting minutes” in the title of the post.

Step six: label your post. In the box titled “Tags (comma separated):” simply write the words “Meeting Minutes”.

Step seven: press “post topic” and wait for the page to finish loading.

Step eight: Celebrate! You successfully posted your notes. It would be nice if you sent Cathy or myself an email stating that you posted meeting minutes. Also, direct any questions to us.