Order your Alt Banking Hoodie!

We’re really excited about May Day plans and want to march together with matching zip hoodies. Join us!

The order form isĀ here. Here’s the front:

Here’s a closeup of the front:

Here’s the first version of the back:

Here’s the second version of the back:


7 thoughts on “Order your Alt Banking Hoodie!

  1. Though I would LOVE to wear design #2, I’d better exercise discretion and opt for design #1.

  2. Cathy, it’s great! IMHO: You should bump up the resolution for the first hoodie. I can barely make out the “too big to fail” legend. And I’m myopic! – Jerry

  3. Although I agree with the sentiment, the use of curse words will alienate much of middle America. I realize it is difficult to be inclusive without being wishy washy, but an attempt must be made. The movement is on a fast fade. We need to turn that trend around. (Just my thoughts. I like the “WTF” version.)

  4. I vote for the WTF version,

    How about replacing too big to fail with

    Anything on the hood?

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