Alternative Banking announcements for 4/9/2012

  1. Alexandria from Alt Banking is taking a survey for her research, please help her out:
  2. From Sue: there’s a link to conference calls (student debt etc.) here:
  3. Also from Sue: a reading list centered on the creation of debt and money on our blog, posted by Nathan.
  4. From Joe Sucher: he’s written two stories about Louise Davidson, currently living in her jeep, outside her Loma, Colorado home and wants us to spread the word:
  5. Tonia is asking for people to read the Usury Law document which she’s now updated with lots of history of credit cards as well as pros and cons for Usury Laws. Please read it for two weeks from yesterday’s meeting, so by April 21st
  6. Katya’s document about securitization is here. It engendered a really interesting and useful discussion about messaging yesterday.
  7. Hannah wants us to know about an event centered on the land-grab of Africa by financial insiders (see below).

Over 1000, 1-percenters are meeting at Waldorf Astoria (April 23-25), for a major farmland investment event  that will decide the fate of millions of Africans.Dubbed as “the next big thing in finance” some of the largest hedge funds, private equity groups, university endowment managers, and other high rollers will meet to discuss how to continue to make money from food and water shortages. The event is organized by HighQuest Partners, a heavy hitter in the hedge fund market of big agro, bio-tech and bio-fuel companies. Entrance fee to attend is a mere $3,000.

These money managers are there because they are promised to make more than 25% return on investments in areas of the world where there exists incredible food insecurity. In 2009 only, nearly 60 million hectares of arable land – an area the size of France – was purchased or leased, 70 percent of it in Africa. It’s impossible to acquire that much of land without the continued taking of land previously held by small indigenous farmers. That number has only been increasing as more and more land has been leased off to companies and governments in Africa – by corrupt dictators, that have no moral qualms about displacing millions from their ancestral lands. On their website, HighQuest partners brag about representing $3.5 trillion in aggregated institutional assets and 25 million acres under cultivation in 2011 alone. This year they are expecting to double. BTW 25 million acres is the size of Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts combined together, OR 11 times the size of Yellowstone National Park.  

Please join in solidarity with food justice activists, Environmental ORGs, OWS groups, African students and communities in exposing these cabal of evil doers -that their “next big thing in finance” is nothing more than the next financial bubble with far more ill-consequences for humanity and the planet.

Day of Action: April 24 2012

Where:The Waldorf=Astoria
301 Park Avenue. NY, NY

Here is a Link to the Sponsors of the event

Here’s a link to the conference page

Finally, a very short satirical video about land grabbing in Ethiopia. 

One thought on “Alternative Banking announcements for 4/9/2012

  1. The Africa thing is fascinating. When we make the connection between the concentrated wealth funds that hire those hedge fund and private equity guys and the PACs and Super PACs that own our politicians and every branch of government, then maybe we will see how this capitalism really works. The lever of FEC 1974 to enable them at their capital gains “buy low, sell high”, “first in/first out” game is obvious to those of us who know what it means to “make a market”.

    Their capitalism evidently cannot work with functioning democracy that ensures the rights of the 99% from either a livelihood, or a property perspective. It certainly cannot profit when functioning states and democracies can impose environmental costs on miners and manufacturers, or the full cost of doing business onto any shareholder’s P&L. It is highly unlikely this kind of capitalism can be profitable if all external costs actually have to be paid at some kind of fair value enforced by any functioning state. The great fortunes of China today are coming at a huge environmental cost, just like the 19th Century fortunes in Europe and the USA. The social costs of course remain non-quantifiable by math. To ensure no such meddlesome problems, money and intrigue for civil wars in mineral rich countries has long been a fact. Where else does money come from but from those who have the vast majority of it? Or, can create it on a balance sheet using fractional-reserve banking? There is plenty of British history and even Teddy Roosevelt era facts that show how this game worked then, and surely must now since none of us have explicitly outed and stopped it. Hopefully, the connections between Africa and the Waldorf-Astoria meeting will become irrefutable and permanent in a broader consciousness, and therefore not so easy to erase.

    Likewise facts today show the complicity from the US government to serve these same financial hotshots with their FEC grip. Recent reports from Uganda leak out this inconvenient information. This connection between guns and business must have something to do with why John Bolton overtly sabotaged years of UN arms traffic reduction measures during his appointment by George W Bush. The loss of the $24 AK-47 would have been devastating for private equity involved in these kinds of land and resource deals in unstable countries. Money for culture war and agitprop is also a factor to uncover here.

    Preventing democracy from taking root is one thing. Condor was all about that. Reagan/Bush era coup d’etat and reactionary putsches in Latin America were all about that for the likes of the United Fruit Company shareholders. The 1% obviously also have to blast established democracies apart once they get too equitable. This clip about what is happening in Europe to take out the post-war “social contract” makes these connections pretty well in the developed world. Of course, we know the US post-1933 republic that required a more equitable sharing of profits with the 99% has also been targeted and sabotaged for years.

    The part he doesn’t get to is how privatized money supply in these banking systems enables and enforces the banking shareholders’ grip on economies and eventually governments. Their system is setup to require an asset grab at rock bottom prices which will be highly profitable as capital gains in a few years. This process of certain destruction for society as a whole is a recurring theme in history. Hopefully, OWS can get to first principles on these matters once and for all. It will take some concerted effort and concentration to re-educate ourselves about the basics long withheld from people like us! These topics seem pretty opaque even to the academics interviewed ad nauseum about the “crisis”. Ultimately, they are the ones who educated us in this current system. We see where that got us!

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