2 thoughts on “Recovery begins when addiction ends: and open letter to Jamie Dimon from us

  1. Jamie Dimon is trapped in a system that induces certain behaviors. If he doens’t do this job for the major controlling shareholders of JPM with Board seats and votes, he will be ousted. Now of course, he may be ousted for screwing up. But, this is the Faustian Bargain. Psychological research today shows that many men in these high positions in finance are in fact mentally ill. They suffer from lack of empathetic brain function, and therefore test as psychopaths or sociopaths. No amount of moral argumentation can sway them to change their behavior. They do not see the needs of others. They do not see ethical bonds that are intrinsic to a functioning society. They only see themselves against the world. The controlling shareholders of these banks also see that they see themselves that way. That is why they were selected to perform these functions. These scientific discoveries are the essence of the Psychopathy in Finance discussions we’ve had at OWS Alternative Banking group. We discussed the powerful work of Dr Martha Stoudt, Dr Philip Zimbardo, Dr Andrew Lobaczewski that details these pathologies now so relevant to our collective experience, yet that work is hardly noticed by our media and educational institutions.

    We need to focus on the System itself and the incentives and disincentives for behaviors that system engenders. The System is what needs changing. There are plenty of people who will perform these functions and rise to the occasion of the incentives and disincentives engendered by this System. Shifting the conversation to Jamie Dimon or anybody else only provides a fetish.

    Jamie Dimon has his demons. He fell into this job in no small part because of them. We need to get beyond that for our own sakes. He is incapable of responding on any moral basis. He even told his own daughter that this 2008 crisis was “just a normal economic cycle”. “Why is everybody so surprised?” she asked! He lied right to her face. This is what psychopaths do. They all would like us to believe it’s all “just a normal economic cycle”. They trained us to believe that.

  2. Cathy. I saw you on the Frontline video. Great work. I have an idea on how to structure a tax on the banks that is not being discussed anywhere. The numbers are huge. Because of your wealth of experience in Wall Street I was hoping to email a brief financial plan for your review. I’m sorry to contact you regarding this via a post, but I can’t seem to find you on Facebook or any other locales. My email is timryan@timryan.com

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