Topics for the Alternative Banking meeting today, June 17th, 2012

We’ll have an Alt Banking meeting from 3-5pm today. Details on where and the format of the meeting are here.

Please remember that we now meet in room 409 of the International Affairs Building.

Cathy will be facilitating tomorrow unless someone else wants to. Please email Cathy if you’d like to facilitate tomorrow or any other Sunday.

Topics we have so far:

  1. Who should be on the boards of the Federal Reserve? Under current law is there a legal (as opposed to ethical or logical) reason to demand Jamie Dimon’s removal from the regional board? If not, should the law be changed and how?
  2. Eminent domain and the mortgage crisis. Robert Hockett will be there to explain what’s going on. He really will  be there this time (hopefully)! In the mean time look at this overview I found using google.
  3. There’s a silent march tomorrow to end Stop and Frisk the same time as our meeting (see here for details and here for Jerry Ashton’s Huffington Post article on it)! We can catch the tail end of it after the meeting.
  4. We don’t have many topics because many haven’t been proposed! either email Nathan or I beforehand about a topic or propose it at the meeting. If we really need the extra topic Nathan’s willing to talk about the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision but he’d rather do that another time.

Shoot me an email before tomorrow’s meeting if you have more topics or announcements at


Thanks, see you later!


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  1. Not sure where to post this: We are working on a book about the for-profit college/student-loan-industry nexus. We will describe how it deceives and exploits vulnerable students, then traps them in a lifetime of debt they can’t pay. We need someone to help us understand the mechanics of the student loan industry. If you understand this and would be willing to explain it or refer us to sources we can understand, please email Thanks! Jean Tepperman (California), Ellen D’Aquisto (Arizona)

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