Occupy in the Financial Times

This is crossposted from mathbabe.org. The writer, Cathy O’Neil, is a member of the Alternative Banking working group and does not represent a consensus opinion of the group.

Lisa Pollack just wrote about Occupy yesterday in this article entitled “Occupy is Increasingly Well-informed”.

It was mostly about Alternative Banking‘s sister working group in London, Occupy Economics, and their recent event this past Monday at which Andy Haldane, Executive Director of Financial Stability at the Bank of England spoke and at which Lisa Pollack chaired the discussion. For more on that event see Lisa’s article here.

Lisa interviewed me yesterday for the article, and asked me (over the screaming of my three sons who haven’t had school in what feels like months), if I had a genie and one try, what would I wish for with respect to Occupy and Alt Banking. I decided that my wish would be that there’s no reason to meet anymore, that the regulators, politicians, economists, lobbyists and bank CEO’s, so the stewards or our financial system and the economy, all got together and decided to do their jobs (and the lobbyists just found other jobs).

Does that count as one wish?

I’m digging these events where Occupiers get to talk one-on-one with those rare regulators and insiders who know how the system works, understand that the system is rigged, and are courageous enough to be honest about it. Alternative Banking met with Sheila Bar a couple of months ago and we’ve got more very exciting meetings coming up as well.