Pictures from yesterday’s HSBC protest

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Here’s a picture from yesterday (thanks Pam!):


This was near the end when some people had already left. We met on the steps of the NYPL as above but in between we went across the street and marched in front of HSBC, which was barricaded by the police. Indeed there were as many police, or more, as protesters. We chanted things like, “Stop and Frisk HSBC!” or “The banks got bailed out, we got sold out” but my favorite chant was a song Nick and Manny made up during the event:

Bankers and drug lords sittin’ in a tree


First comes love, then comes prrofit,

Then comes a settlement from the Justice De-partment!

Here’s a pic from the marching part with an appropriate Valentine’s Day theme (note the barricades behind the protesters):


And here’s me with my sandwich board. The front (note the long line of police motorcycles behind me):


And the back:


Also check out Taibbi’s HSBC article from yesterday.