OWS Alt-Banking Returns to HSBC – Mon March 4, NYC

Please join OWS Alt-Banking for a second picket to highlight the crimes of HSBC, Monday, March 4th. We’ll gather on the steps of the New York Public Library, Main Branch, Fifth Avenue and 41st Street, at High Noon.

On this day, HSBC will be presenting its 2012 earnings report – more billions for the Official Bank of Drug Lords & Terrorists.

This is an ongoing campaign by “Occupy Wall Street – Alternative Banking.” We are highlighting not just HSBC’s admitted (and unpunished) severe criminal activity but the general problem of “Too Big to Fail” and “Too Big to Jail.”

What’s true of HSBC is true of all Wall Street megabanks – size, perverse personell incentives and de facto immunity from prosecution create an environment that is “criminogenic,” in Bill Black’s phrase. That means institutions in which crime pays, in which those who remain honest are patsies. The 99% suffer as these institutions engage in systematic plunder and fraud from the top – and set us up for the next crash and the next bail-outs.

Here’s a revised version of one of our chants:

Bankers and Drug Lords sitting in a tree –
k – i – s – s – i – n – g
First comes CRIME
Then comes PROFIT

Sell a bag of marijuana, you could go to prison. Make billions by helping the Mexican drug cartels launder billions, you get a banker’s bonus.

The first picket (Valentines Day) was a lot of fun. See lots of pictures.

If you come we will have plenty of colorful signs ready for you, and sandwich boards, and of course everyone’s favorite money-laundering dancer will be there on skates.

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Here’s a leaflet:

HSBC Leaflet for March4

HSBC Leaflet for March4 jpg (Ver.02.25)