Are Americans the only people with rights?

Note: this post has nothing to do with Alternative Banking, or banking or directly with Occupy though I hope and expect Occupiers to be sympathetic. I just wanted to rant and this was the easiest place to post it. I am only speaking for myself.

I would like to support Senators Rand Paul and Ron Wyden’s efforts to question the use of drones and other killing by the CIA and other secret agencies, but they are so pathetic. They are focusing on the killing of Americans. They seem to take it for granted that it is OK for the US to kill non-citizens.

How would they feel if the Canadian Prime Minister were authorizing its security agencies to kill people and Parliament approved it as long as they didn’t kill any Canadians?

I am frequently distressed at the utter indifference of most Americans to the perspective of the 6.7 billion people they share the world with.