Learn about climate change

This week, a climate change expert will give a talk on the History of CO2: Past, Present and Future.

1. Carbon Cycle and Phanerozoic History of CO2
2. Climate history over last 11,000 years (recent paper from Science)
3. Link between CO2 and T (Vostok Ice Cores, paleo records, Berner)
4. Where we’re headed with CO2 and climate (not so bad now, but look at RCP 8.5)
5. The bathtub: avoiding overflow (MIT psych paper)
6. Extreme Weather Events and Loaded Climate Dice (Hansen et al)

It will be Sunday from 2-3 PM. Followed by our regularly weekly Alternative Banking meeting.

Details here:http://www.nycga.net/events/event-edit/?action=edit&event_id=93