Fight TPP and “Fast Track” NOW

[These are Josh Snodgrass’s opinions and not necessarily those of Alt-Banking.]

NOW is the time we need to make maximum effort to oppose TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). A crucial step to blocking it will be to stop Congress from passing “Fast Track” legislation that would allow it to be considered under rules that speed it up and prevent or restrict amendments. A bill was just introduced so now the time to make our opposition clear.

Go to Trade Justice’s web site, and Facebook pages to see what’s up. Get on their e-mail list:

Here is a great blog post about just one of the many bad aspects  to it:


Note: the blogger is English so he is focused on the Transatlantic treaty, not TPP. The issues are the same and Fast Track would enable both to pass.

Some crucial Congressmen have expressed their opposition to the current bill. This is very good. But, personally, I am concerned that some of them will propose a “compromise” Fast Track that will pass. We need to stop Fast Track in any form.

Join Trade Justice in this effort. STOP FAST TRACK! Now is the time!