Please help us print more Occupy Finance

Occupy Finance, the book we published for the 2nd anniversary of the OWS protests has been very well received. So well that we are running out of the 1500 copies we printed.

We’d love to print more but we need your help. We have a campaign running on Indiegogo to raise the funds.

If you are inclined and able to help financially, please do so.

Also, please help us spread the word.

Here is a short url you can tweet.

Occupy Finance, The Book Club

We have published a book you can download here. Copies of the first printing have become scarce, more on that below.

We have been holding a book club before our regular meeting (2-3 PM on Sundays). We’ve had very lively discussions and attendance has been so good we’ve had to move to a larger room. You can see the schedule on our web site here.

We are trying to raise money for a second printing of the book. If you would like to help, you can donate on our web site (full disclosure, we are not a 501(c)anything so the donation s not tax-deductible and will go to an individual (who promises to use it to cover the cost of printing).

If you’d like to contact a person before donating, join our e-mail list or any other reason, our address is We’d love to hear from you!

Occupy Finance, The Book

The Alternative Banking Group has been hard at work on a book. It is finally done. We gave away a few hundred copies on S17.

It’s getting rave reviews

  1. FT Alphaville with Lisa Pollack
  2. NPR with Margot Adler
  3. Bloomberg with Matt Levine
  4. New York Times with William Alden
  5. Daily Kos with medicalquack

We also got a nice mention on

You can read it or download it here.

Better yet, e-mail to request a copy or to be added to our mailing list.

Even better: come to one of our meetings and receive a copy in person.




Come to Alt-Banking meetings this Sunday

Alternative Banking has good discussions every week. But this week should be especially lively. From 2-3 we will have a “pre-meeting” where representatives of the Occupy Money Cooperative will discuss their plans and we can have an open discussion.

From 3-5 we will have our usual meeting with an agenda collectively decided. But, we expect someone who helped blow the whistle on HSBC money-laundering to terrorists will attend.

Don’t miss it.

Laws to jail banksters

From the UK, we have word that the PM will be introducing a “New Law to Jail Banksters“.

I suppose this is a good thing but I do have a problem with it. It promotes the fiction that past bank behavior was legal. The refrain is “yes, they did some terrible things but unfortunately they weren’t against the law. ” Reject this myth.

Some of the activities in the sub-prime crisis were borderline but there was also clear lawbreaking, then or more recently. For instance, a tape just came out of Irish bankers talking about how they would deceive the government into bailing them out in 2008 by lying about how bad their situation was.

I’m not a lawyer but doesn’t that sound like conspiracy to commit fraud?

Then there was the decade of money-laundering to drug cartels and others that HSBC has admitted to. Aren’t there laws against that?

And most recently, the NY Times says that the SEC is accusing JPMorgan exec Blythe Masters of “‘false and misleading statements’ under oath”

Isn’t that the definition of perjury? Isn’t perjury a crime?

This is why a chapter of Alternative Banking’s upcoming book is titled: The Legal Rules the Financial Sector Just Ignores: a list of crimes.

You can get a preview of the book here (unfortunately, not yet including that chapter).

So, we don’t need new laws as much as enforcement of existing laws.




Small victory

Three years late, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finally has a leader who isn’t just “acting”.

This only happened after extensive pressure from the public including hundreds of thousands of names on petitions sponsored by the Americans for Financial Reform and other public interest groups.

We need to keep the pressure on Washington.

For instance, Obama caved on getting good people approved for the National Labor Relations Board. In a shadowy deal, he swapped the people labor wanted for more “acceptable” alternatives. Perhaps with more outcry this too would have come out better.

Occupy Finance, the book

Inspired by Strike Debt’s “Debt Resistors Operations Manual“, Alternative Banking is hard a work on a book titled “Occupy Finance”.

The audience for this book is the 99%. The mission of this group is to explain the financial system and its dysfunction in plain English and to offer suggestions for how to think about it and what we can do to improve it.

The book is a work in progress but there are several excellent drafts of chapters already available here:

You can help improve the book by commenting on what we have written so far. We are also looking for help with layout, printing and covering the associated costs. So, i f you can help with that, please let us know.