September 16th: 52 Shades of Greed card deck on New York Times City Room

September 14th: Aljazeera’s Prosecuting Wall Street

September 9th: Sheila Bair meets the Alternative Banking group and Occupy Bank

August 4, 2012: Le Monde covers Alt Banking and Occupy Bank

May 1, 2012: PBS Frontline: Occupy as well as Money, Power and Wall Street (Episode 4).

April 27, 2012: Washington Post, Occupy the Regulatory System!

April 26, 2012:

  1. We invited Vikram Pandit to speak with us again. See this wonderful invitation on
  2. It got picked up by Lisa Pollack at FT Alphaville.
April 24, 2012: The first part of the PBS Frontline Series has been posted online, with accompanying interviews posted here. The second part, which features Occupy the SEC as well as Alt Banking, will be aired at 10pm on May Day.
April 21, 2012: Paramus Patch, Can Capitalism be Compassionate?

March 27, 2012: NPR’s Morning Edition

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